First Class Landscapes  
awn Care  &  Mosquito
Mist Systems
First Class Landscapes offers year
 lawn care packages.

1. Mowing the lawn
2. Edging
3. Trimming
4. Fertalizing
5. Seasonal color changes
6. Pressure washing

It is a residential misting system that uses an  
insecticide that’s designed to spray pesticides in a
fine mist to kill mosquitos and other outdoor insects. It’
s a great way to control the mosquitos in your yard or
entertaining area. Now you don’t have to serve
mosquito repellant to your guest at outdoor
gatherings. Once install all you’ll need to do is set the
timer and the mosquito system will do the rest. The
system will spray a synchronized spray that evenly
distributes over the entire yard. Whether you choose
a small or large reservoir, you will enjoy the outdoors
without biting insects.